Southern Norway 2017

Road trip to see the top sights in Southern Norway: Kjerag, Preikestolen, Trolltunga, 25 km long Lærdalstunnelen, Besseggen ridge trail and Trollstigen. The two week trip started from Turku to Stockholm by ferry.

The route. Total lenght of the road trip was about 3400 km. (Click to enlarge map) Interactive Google map here with places

Other places worth to visit in Southern Norway:

  • Nærøyfjorden and Nærøydalen – beautiful road between mountains
  • Geiranger and Flydalsjuvet – nice sight down to the fjord
  • Utladalen and Utla river near Vettisfossen (one of Norway’s tallest waterfalls). Nice waterfalls close to parking. Can’t recommend visiting Vettisfossen, because the end of the long trail is difficult to walk, sight to the waterfall poor and the place very wet and windy because of the huge mass of water surging down.
Kjeragbolten in Lysefjorden
Cliffs in Kjerag in Lysefjorden
Mountain road from Lysebotn to Ådneram
Preikestolen in Lysefjorden
Preikestolen in Lysefjorden
Preikestolen in Lysefjorden
Ringedalsvatnet near Trolltunga
Ringedalsvatnet near Trolltunga
Ringedalsvatnet near Trolltunga
Parking and hiking route to Trolltunga
Trolltunga hiking route elevation profile - total climb about 900 m and lenght 10 km.
Nærøydalen in Gudvangen near Nærøyfjorden
24,5 km long Lærdalstunnelen (The Lærdal Tunnel) between Lærdal and Aurland. There are three large mountain caves in the tunnel.
Utla river close to Vettisfossen
Valdresflye highland close to Jotunheimen national park
Besseggen ridge hiking trail in Jotunheimen national park. More photos and info:
The most demanding part of the Besseggen hike.
Landscape in Rauma near Trollstigen
Landscape in Rauma near Trollstigen
Trollstigen viewpoint
Romsdalsfjorden near Molde
Romsdalsfjorden near Molde
Atlanterhavsvegen in Lauvøyfjorden
Sheeps at Syndre Knutshøa, near Dovrefjell
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